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What is Your Health Score?

Take a step toward better living
by discovering your health score
through our technologically
-advanced evaluation.


health & fitness

Health & Fitness
The key to a long and healthy life is optimal fitness, food choices, and a balance approach to stress. When we know where our overall health stands, we are able to make changes for positive improvement!

physicians benefits

Physicians & Benifits
Finally, doctors are able to deliver an objective score on the health a patient with advanced technology. Office visits can include a preventative treatment plan to avoid an abnormal lifestyle. This can be tracked through bi-annual screenings of patients and continual counseling.

your overall health

Confessions of a Shopaholic
From Lippincott: Medical physiology
Disease or death is often the result of dysfunction of internal environment and regulatory mechanisms. Understanding the body's processes, responses and functions is clearly fundamental to the intelligent practice of medicine.


  • Accepted by most insurance plan
  • Painless test conducted sitting in a chair
  • Allows physician to get a better understanding of your whole body
  • Results can be used as functional makers related to recommended lifestyle and/or medication changes
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